A web site supporting the vinoXML standard should generate the vinoXML files and appropriate links per wine.

The following simple example shows a link for each wine using one of the vinoXML logos allowing the user to download the vinoXML file and optionally link to a PDF version.

Goldwater Eslin, Merlot

Download details (as a "vinoxml" file)

Display details (requires Adobe Reader)

Vintage 2000
here one would maybe show a summary of the information contained in the vinoXML file.


Followed by other wines

The data obtained from Goldwater Estate was manually entered into one of the cellar book applications supporting vinoXML and then the application was used to generate the “.vinoxml” and “.pdf” files shown above to the right of the wine name.
The information on the wine was obtained from the Goldwater Estate web site and can be seen in the following PDF file.
Display original PDF file from Goldwater Estate

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