License for the “vinoXML.xsd” schema

Authors of the schema are:

Werner F. Bruhin

The Wine Cellar Book

Matthieu Ducrocq

Brian Allen

Reviewers of the schema are:


    ( Vintage Manager )

    James Wilson

    ( Vinote )


    ( Vinum Master)

We want to ensure that the vinoXML standard is adapted by as many users as possible and have therefore kept the license very simple:

  1. You may distribute and use it without any license fee.
  2. The current version of vinoXML.xsd is “1.1.3”
  3. XML instances generated by your program should be validated using Altova XMLSpy (currently version 2006 sp2) or an equivalent tool (e.g. Oxygen 11.2) and use an extension of “.vinoxml”.
  4. In case of a problem being found with the validation you must correct your program/web site as soon as possible. However, this should not take longer than three months from the time the problem was first reported.
  5. Should you not comply with this license, you will not be allowed to make any use of the vinoXML schema, and you must refrain from using any reference in your web site and/or program to this web site and the vinoXML schema.
  6. You must provide a link from a prominent place within your web site or application to .
  7. Any derived version of the schema must comply to this license, make available any modifications to and be open source.
  8. You may use the vinoXML schema in any commercial application.
  9. If you prefer you may use either of the following open source Licenses
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