What is vinoXML Schema?

The vinoXML Schema defines the format in which the data is to be formatted to allow for an easy exchange between the different users of the data. This allows anyone using the vinoXML to encode  information about wine (such as its name, vintage, bottle size, tasting notes etc.) into a format which any program compatible with vinoXML will be able to decode and import into their database.

The vinoXML is based on W3C standards, in particular the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and the W3C XML Schema definitions (XSD).

The vinoXML schema is provided free of charge (please review the license page for details).


The vinoXML schema can be viewed in html format here.


What it is NOT !

  • It is not a database of wines
  • It is not a fixed format just working with one or two web sites and/or software applications.
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